70's Style & Self Expression

 Photographer-Mylo Graphy

Jacket- Lord & Taylor | Top-Uniqlo | Jeans-Missguided | Booties-Sam Edelman

I'm bringing the 70's to 2017! What I love most about fashion is that it allows us to express ourselves without saying anything. I've worn these bell bottom jeans several different ways but this outfit is one of my favorites because it's an ode to the seventies. I love how the raw edge of the jeans adds a modern touch to a classic style. Oh and fringe always add a fun touch to a jacket. One thing I've learned about the 70's is that it was a decade in time where people felt free enough to express themselves. People made a statement through their clothing, hairstyles, speech, and causes they supported. What statement are you trying to make? This week I want to challenge you to express yourself a little more and stand for what you believe in