How to Stunt: Fur Coat + Red Printed Wrap Skirt

 Photographer-Kofi James

Coat-Missguided | Skirt- H&M | Top-Uniqlo | Shoes-Nine West | Sunglasses-Feisedy via Amazon

Don't let the weather stop you from stuntin'! It may be cold but you can still keep it hot and saucy in the style department with bold colors, prints, and textures! I bought this skirt on clearance over two years ago and it's defiantly the gift that keeps on giving. I love that it has a modest length with a split for a little leg tease. Pairing the skirt with the fur coat was a match made it Heaven. I think fur, whether its real or fake, has a way of making people feel luxurious and this coat did that for me. May you slay this cold weather with style and grace!

How to stunt:

1. Be confident
2. Throw on a fur coat, P.S, It doesn't matter if it's real or faux!
3. Put on some dramatic sunglasses
4. Treat every sidewalk like it's your runway and walk with purpose

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