Carrying Dreams with Style

Photographer-Kofi James

Missguided | Turtle Neck- Uniqlo | Peplum Top-Zara | Skirt- Zara | Boots-Aldo | Bag (gift)

Happy Black History Month! This may be my first time posting on the blog during this auspicious month but I celebrate my blackness all year long. I'm so happy we live in a time where we feel comfortable to express ourselves stylistically, artistically, and intellectually. Ten years ago when I was a freshman in high school, I would have not have been bold enough to wear my hair like this. Shoot, I was so quiet and afraid to be bold. Thank God for growth, self-acceptance and self-love This look is inspired by my black girl magic, the Black Panther movie which I plan on seeing this week, and the cold weather we experienced in New Jersey on Saturday. I knew I wanted to let this bag (more on that later) shine so I created a neutral textured look to go with it. I really love getting dressed up and challenge myself to find new ways to style clothes. Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.

Speaking of fashion, let's get into this red dream bag! My best friend got it for me for Christmas and it was definitely my favorite gift! She knows that I'm a dreamer and I love the color red so this bag is perfect for me. She is one of the few people I have shared my dreams with over the years and she has always encouraged me to pursue them! I have already achieved a few of my dreams but I still have a long way to go. Being faithful to my dreams is sometimes a struggle as other things in my life take priority. However, I have learned that I am happier when I set aside time to work on my dreams.  Last week, I spent a few hours working on an idea I had and I felt really accomplished. It was a small step in the right direction. I shared what I was working on with my friend and she gave me the push I needed to keep on going. While its great to receive support and motivation from loved ones, you have to be self motivated as well. Dreams fade away when we stop focusing on them. So lets aim to be proactive when it comes to our goals. Be a visionary, but also be a doer. 

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