Leverage What You Have: Ombre Fur Coat and OTK Boots

Photographer- Kofi James

Jacket-Asos | Dress (old) | Boots-Aldo

Stop focusing on what you lack and learn to leverage what you have! No one has it all together, we just know how to package ourselves beautifully and show what we want people to see. God has blessed us all with gifts that complete our grand packages. If you feel like you're constantly being overlooked despite the gifts that you possess and contribute to your environment, it may be time to change you position. Your worth does not diminish due to someone's inability to see you. Some people, places, and organizations don't deserve your talents. However, if you know you need to sharpen your skills, seek out opportunities that can help you develop and allow your gifts to stand out.

Speaking of standing out, let me tell you the style story behind this outfit: I knew I wanted to wear this faux fur coat on Saturday but I wan't sure what I wanted to wear it until I came across this plain purple dress I haven't worn in a few years. I tried it on with the fur coat just to see how they looked together and boom, an outfit was born! I styled my outfit with grey over the knew boots to complete the look. Moral of the style story? You can take a basic dress (or any garment) and make it the base for a bomb outfit.

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