Opening Doors with Faith

Photographer-Kofi James

On me:  Dress-Asos | Jacket- Misguided | Shoes-Sam Edelman
On Jhenielle: Jacket-Mango | Skirt- LOFT | Shoes- Aldo

My church had a guest speaker on Saturday by the name of Dr. Ruby Lathon whose message focused on health, faith and determination. The primary purpose of her sermon was to promote a healthier lifestyle through veganism. Through her message, she detailed how a diagnosis of thyroid cancer led her to adopt a healthier lifestyle, stretched her faith, and eventually gave her the push she needed to transition to a new career in health. I listened intently to everything she said and took mental notes along the way because the woman was dropping gems! One thing that really resonated with me was when she said (and I'm paraphrasing) that God does not open doors until we're very close to them, which requires us to be constantly moving and doing what is necessary for that door to open.

In her message, Dr. Lathon shared how her stress and unhappiness in her engineering career led her to quit her job after her cancer diagnosis. After she cured herself of thyroid cancer though transitioning to plant based diet, she realized that she did not want to re-enter the engineering field, the area where she was an expert. Instead she decided to search for jobs that were aligned with the things she was passionate about like helping people, teaching, and health. That search made her find the job of her dreams, a position in a health organization for which she had no formal training. However, when she took inventory of her life experiences and her volunteer work, she realized that she possessed all the qualities and experience necessary to do the job and wrote an excellent cover letter to prove it. The next part where Dr. Lathon exemplified extreme faith really struck me: the moment she got the interview for the job (located in Washington DC), she started packing up her home in Albuquerque to move to DC. Weeks went by and she didn't hear back from the hiring team but she was confident that she was moving to DC to begin her job-so she kept on packing. How was she able to maintain confidence and determination to get the job? She was prepared and did things in her life that moved her very close to the door of the job. So when God opened the door for her, she was able to walk through it and flourish in her new career.

You see folks, it is not enough to pray, sit around, and wait for God to give you the opportunity you desire. Faith without works is dead and results only come after action and preparation. If God puts a desire on your heart that will take your life to a new level, He is willing to work with you and for you to make it happen. However, you must be a good partner and devote the time and energy that comes with doing the work!

If there is anything you take away from this story I want you to remember that faith in God and yourself, preparation, and determination will not only bring you close to big doors, but open them for you!

P.S. Isn't my friend Jhenielle so cute?! Her church outfit (this is what we wore to church on Saturday) was so cute that I told her she needed to make an appearance on the blog. I'm so in love with her over the knee boots! She nailed her look!


  1. Fabulous post Ash! We have to step out in faith & claim it! Y'all look fabulous btw!!!