New Year, Same Me, Bigger Goals and Better Habits

Photographer- Kofi James
Top-Uniqlo | Skirt-Uniqlo | Coat- Banana Republic | Shoes-Aldo

On new years eve, I decided that I needed to spend time on January 1st 2018 writing down the goals I want to achieve this year. Guess what?! I am still in the process of writing my plans for the year so don't give up hope on me readers! The start of the year is usually exciting to me because it is a new beginning and I can visualize all the goals I need to write down. I'm not ecstatic about putting my new goals on paper yet because I still need to tackle the goals I didn't achieve last year. Don't get me wrong, I accomplished many of the things on my 2017 to do list, but I have some unfinished business I've carried into 2018 with me.

So instead of writing down everything I need to accomplish this year, which I must admit is a bit overwhelming for me (I know some of you can relate to feeling overwhelmed when there is so much to do), I decided to be still and pray on January 1st. I asked God to strengthen me in the areas where I excel and to give me the characteristics I need to be all He has called me to be.

One thing I want to leave behind is procrastinating in my personal life. Not to sound cliche but there is truth in the saying "dreams don't work unless you do." If I want to bring a dream to fruition, there comes a point where I have to start taking steps toward making that dream my reality.

Since time waits for no one, my first step toward living my dreams is making my unaccomplished goals from last year a priority this year. Secondly, I will write my goals on paper and put them on my mirror so I can see them everyday. Then, I'm praying over these goals on a daily basis to give them life and receive God's blessing. Proverbs 16: 3 says, "Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established." Finally, I'm identifying accountability partners who will give me constructive criticism, suggestions when needed, and celebrate with me when I accomplish something. Every day is an opportunity to become better version of ourselves. This year I am setting the bar higher for myself and I encourage you to do the same!