How to Style a Chunky Knit Sweater & Selfcare

Sweater-H&M | Jeans-Old Navy | Ankle Boots-Vionic

This H&M sweater is my favorite right now because it's everything a fall sweater should be. It's warm, stylish, and can be worn several ways. You can wear it with mom jeans like I did, or layer it over a slip dress to extend the life of your summer clothes. I think it's safe to say this might be the most popular H&M sweater of the season. I've seen it all over Instagram, YouTube hauls, and even on someone at work! Also, the price is so good that it's worth buying in multiple colors. I also have it in brown and have been trying to get my hands on the cream one in my size. 

I wore this look for a family trip to the Rutgers Gardens during October and it was perfect for the mild fall weather we experienced at the time. This sweater will definitely come in handy on cold winter days as well.

Now that we've discussed the style, let's talk about self care as rhe holidays approach. The holiday season is both an exciting but busy time for many of us. If you work in operations like me or retail, then your workload increases drastically around this time of year. In full transparency, I've been feeling burnt out alot lately from getting 4-5 hours of sleep on the days that I work and working 12-14 hour days. I started realizing a pattern weeks ago, I would go so hard during the work week between my job and planning my creative content snd then completely crash when I got home on my last day of the work week. So I decided to start taking more days off which has been so beneficial to my health. I don't know who needs to read this but use your pto and vacation time even if the only place you plan on going is your bed or living room! Don't be afraid to send the out of office message and not check your work messages when you are off. You cannot pour from an empty cup. So take the time to rest and recharge so that you can return to your responsibilities and give them your best effort!


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