Walking with a Renewed Mindset & Styling Leopard Print

Life: I woke up today feeling accomplished and grateful to have made it to see another day. This week definitely threw some curveballs, but I have a renewed mindset after reflecting on where I am after the conversation I had with my mom. You see, I was talking to my mom earlier in the week telling her how depleted I felt from juggling so many things at once. After listening to me for a few minutes she said, "okay, but what are you going to put down? You have to put something down! That conversation made me think about the pressure we place on ourselves to carry things we have no business carrying in the first place. So I just want to let you know that if you ever feel like you're sinking under the pressures of life, ask yourself "what can I put down." All burdens are not ours to carry!

Style: Now, let's talk about the fun park of this post, the style! You know I love a good print and leopard is one of my favorites because it can be styled so many ways. This Zara dress has been holding me down for nearly 2 years as it was the first dress I bought after giving birth to my son. While it's long sold out, I thought you would appreciate a few of my leopard print pieces from H&M. I just got the long sleeve top with the asymmetrical neckline and I can't wait to show you several ways to style it. Which piece is your favorite?

1. H&M long-sleeved top 

2. Turtleneck top

3. Calf length skirt

4. Draped Bodysuit

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