How to Style Leather Pants & Things to Remember

It's no secret that leather and faux leather pants, skirts, jackets, basically everything leather are in right now! I've been a fan of leather and faux leather clothing forever so this year is no exception. I styled these Asos pants I bought earlier in the fall with a corset top from a few years ago I bought in Zara. The great thing about leather and faux leather clothing is that there are so many ways to style them and they almost always make your outfit look edgier.


Top-Zara | Pants- Asos | Shoes- Nine West

Now that we've discussed style, let's talk life. You know I love talking about style but I also always want to make sure I share food for thought that will help us as we navigate through the day, week, and moments ahead.

Things to remember this week:

  • You can be nice and not tolerate nonsense. Being a polite person does not equate to a pushover
  • You can be strong and exhausted. Listen to the signs your body gives you
  • You can be a boss in or a few areas of your life and a work in progress in other areas. It's okay to ask for help.
  • You can love the person you are today while taking strides to become a better version of yourself as time progresses
  • No is a complete sentence. Everything does not require an explanation.
What would you add to the list to help you through the week?

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