Working Overtime: 2020 Reflection


Shoutout to everyone that worked overtime this year. Whether that looked like taking on more hours at work, tackling home schooling on top of your responsibilities, finding ways to pour into your children/partner/loved ones even when you felt like you barely had energy to give after long days, or making space to pursue your dreams and goals even when it required you to sacrifice time in other areas of your life. I see you and the work you put in is paying off!

I know this year brought many of us to our knees in anguish, prayer and exhaustion. This year also brought its share of joy along with feelings of accomplishment for many of us.

This year had me questioning multiple times if I can be the mother I want to be with the career I want to have while continuously tacking other goals. While many people were working from home spending extra time with their children, I spent longer days away from my son at work. Mom guilt definitely crept in at times (especially over the last 4 months) but I pushed passed that and kept going reminded that I'm working my dreams, his future and the needs of my family. Yet someone I made progress as a mother and an individual by the grace of God. The progress was not easy to achieve but that's what made me appreciate it even more. Being a young mom with a career and dreams for my family and myself is a lot to juggle but 2020 reminded me that progress is always possible with the strength of God, discipline and determination, even in a pandemic.


  1. “2020 reminded me that progress is always possible with the strength of God, discipline and determination, even in a pandemic.”

    God really stretched many of us in the year of 2020. He also refined us and exposed our hearts so we can grow in Him. Thank you for sharing Ashley🙏🏾

  2. Thank you so much for reading Germina! God sure did so some amazing things for us in 2021 and I look forward to the blessings we're going to experience in 2021

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