Olive Bodycon Dress and Loving Your Body

Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Zara | Shoes-Nine West (old) | Jacket-H&M (old)

Sometimes I stand in the mirror and appreciate my body. I love the way it curves in various places and the rich color of my complexion. Every once in a while I put on a bodycon dress and admire myself...then I see flaws. The impression of my waist beads shows through my dress...I decided to cut them off on Saturday after looking at these pictures. Those beads around my waist made me feel beautiful, but I made a choice to let them go. I wish I had wider hips. But my butt to waist ratio already makes finding clothes that fit properly a challenge and I can't afford to have wider hips right now because then I'll be paying my seamstress more money than I already do. I wish I had abs but I'm not motivated enough to work out. So I'll love this this soft, slim, some parts shapely body just the way God made it. Love yourself!

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