Strong Women Support Each Other

On Ashley: Top-Asos | Pants-Uniqlo | Sleeveless Coat-Missguided | Sneakers-Puma
On Nyja: Head over to her beautiful blog for outfit details!
There is Strength in numbers and women are more powerful together! Need proof? Look at all the women around you who have made positive impacts on your life and the world. Look at your friends who support one another and inspire you to live a better life. Google pictures from this weekend's women's marches and you'll see what I'm talking about. Thousands of women came together to stand up for our rights and while I couldn't attend the marches I felt the power through the pictures and video clips I saw. Being a women is amazing and God definitely did something special when he created us. Who else can bleed for seven days and live, carry and give birth to another human, and withstand extremely high levels of pain other than a woman?

Nyja of and I got together on Friday and bonded over our love of style and womanhood (she's one fly lady). We showed up in neutral outfits and matching Warby Parker glasses because great minds think alike! What inspired me most about Nyja is her drive and how beautifully and authentically she lives her life. She makes time to work, takes care of her adorable son, and finds time to do things that she enjoys. Women bear heavy weights on our shoulders. We work, cook, clean, provide for our families, and take care of our other responsibilities. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in managing the tasks of life and handling our responsibilities that we neglect to take time for ourselves. So thank you Ny for making time to hang out and create some #blackgirlmagic with me!

Let's get to know Nyja a little better: "I'm Njya, a daughter, sister, lover, friend and before all of that I'm a mother. I created my blog to create a safe space and dialog for not only mothers but all individuals. Currently I work for a non-profit member services organization on the side to supplement the dream because I do realize I have a mouth to feed. I did not want to place my dream on the back burner because I had a baby instead my son is now my source of motivation. Women have the powerful ability to birth a nation, literally! We as women have to realize by sharing your light with your sister you are not dimming yours but simply creating more light. It is important for women to work together because greatness is derived from female solidarity. Society wants women to be at odd ends with each other, they want us to compare and contrast not only our bodies, our hair, but also our minds. Why? Because they know the outcome of women being united, just look at what happened this past weekend at the Women's March. We made HERstory, the biggest inaugural protest to date!"

Supporting and uplifting one another is important as women. In a patriarchal society, we owe it to each other to have one another's backs as women. Let's aim to create bonds and cultivate sisterhood this year. Remember, we're in this together and we are our sister's keeper.

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