All You Have Is All You Need + Styling A Striped Sweater

I heard some say that "all you have is all you need" and that really resonated with me. How many times have we told ourselves that we are not equipped to to do one thing or another because we lack the resources. The truth is that if what you want to do is in alignment with your purpose, you already have what you need to start or continue. It's natural to want more. I want more money so I can buy a house, go on multiple vacations a year, buy more things I don't need and the list goes on. I want more time so I can put more energy into content creation, spend more time with my family, spend more time with my friends in person than on the get the point. 
Sweater-Asos (old) | Jeans-Old Navy | Ankle Boots- Target (old)
Truth is, maybe I don't need more, I just need to be a better steward of what I already have in this season. If I save more aggressively I can buy a house sooner and go on more than one or two vacations a year. That means I have to stop spending $50 here and $100 there on things I don't really need each month because those dollars add up. There are 24 hours in a day and that's never going to change, so I have to set more boundaries for myself to manage my time better. That could mean batch creating content on the weekend, respecting my screen time boundaries so I can spend more time investing into me than endlessly scrolling. Now, I started doing these things already and I'm already seeing the difference in my life. Lately my prayers have been less of Lord give me more and Lord help me to be a better steward of all that you have given me and He's shown me that all I have is all I need. If this blog post blessed you, share it with someone. Let's uplift each other!

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