Boho Chic: Fringe Sweater & Yellow Faux Leather

Style: One of my favorite things to wear in the winter is a chinky knit sweater! I love this sweater from Lovestitch because it's warm, stylish and unique. The tassels pretty much made me get it and the neutral hues make it contrast well with bright colors like this yellow skirt I got from Zara a few years ago. I can also see this sweater going great with with denim or black faux leather pants for alternate looks. How would you style it?

Food for thought: Don't let a cloudy day dim your light. As you can see, I shot this outfit on a cloudy day and clearly it sparked a message. As you walk through this week remember that you can't always control your environment, but you can control how you respond to it. No day is perfect but your attitude can make a rough day better and a good day great. So be the light your environment is lacking and have a blessed week!

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