Mapiful: The Perfect Just Because or Valentine's Day Gift

Let me preface this by saying that my husband and I usually don't buy each other gifts for special occasions. When we first starting dating 6 years ago we decided that we never wanted to use a holiday as a reason to gift each other something special, so we randomly give each other gifts just because. For example, my husband got tired of me borrowing his air pods last week so he decided to gift me my own pair haha. Around the holidays my husband mentioned missing home. He's originally from Tobago and has always wanted our family to visit for Christmas. Due to covid and work schedules, visiting the Island was not possible last year. So when Mapiful reached out to gift me with a custom print, I thought this would be the perfect time to give him a piece of his native home right in our apartment. So we went on the Mapiful website and designed a Trinidad & Tobago map just for him! He insisted on it being red, white and black because those are the country's national colors. With Valentine's day approaching in a few weeks I thought a Mapiful print would make a perfect gift for your special someone!

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