Pink Power Suit + Preparing to Slay Your Battles

Every woman needs some clothes that make her feel powerful, and sometimes a pink suit is the set of clothes to handle the powerful assignment. Needless to say, this suit makes me feel powerful and my favorite aspect of the suit is that the blazer also doubles as a dress. I'm so glad the blazer is long because I have gained a few pounds since I bought this suit early last year when I was a few pounds lighter and definitely ripped the pants while putting them on! Shop my favorite pink power blazers and pants below!

As you walk through this week, remember that batters are won through strategy, not by surprise. So sit down, create a plan, execute your plan and prepare to win! When setbacks and detours come your way, learn to pivot and pace yourself, not quit. If you quit when times get hard, you'll never know all that you are truly capable of.  You may be feeling pressure like you need to do the most because we're in the final quarter of 2021 but remember that constant striving will leave you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Take some time this week to reflect on your goals and create a plan to achieve them if you have not done so already. 

I want to encourage you to get more attached to the process of accomplishing your goals than timelines because not achieving something by a certain timeline can be discouraging and downright depressing at times if we're being 100% honest. But one thing I have learned on my journey over the past three years is that our timelines are no match for God's timelines. Sometimes our goals don't happen when we want them because we need to develop in some or many areas first. I felt like I waited too long for my first promotion when I was in my waiting season, but the skills I learned during the period of waiting propelled me so far in my career and led me to my second promotion a year later. So trust your process and the things it's teaching you!

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