Styling Snakeskin Boots + Embracing Change

One of my favorite thing to wear in the fall is boots and these snakeskin boots are the perfect pair to instantly elevate any outfit! I actually got them on sale in Macy's last year for around $50 and I've loved them ever since. Not only are these Steve Madden boots comfortable, they are also functional because of the neutral print. I opted to style these with a utility shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing and Green sunglasses from Asos. How would you style these boots? I linked a few of my favorite pairs below.

Now let's talk about change. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my post on Monday was all about change and it said: As you walk through this week, remember that you are allowed to embrace change, evolve and grow. You are allowed to change your mindset. you are allowed to adjust or reinstate new boundaries. You are allowed to exit your comfort zone. You are allowed to do whatever you need to do to live your best life. Personally changing my mindset has been one of the biggest things that allowed God to elevate my life and has brought me so much peace and happiness this year. Now what I do not like is when I have no control over the changes that occur in my life. 

Like most people, I like to have control over my life and one of my favorite things about adulthood is that control. So you can imagine how I felt this week when my senior regional manager at work informed me that he decided to make a regional schedule change that would require myself and all the other operations managers at my level to work the night shift. I understood the assignment and that he was making the change because he understands my gift and talent to create positive change and improve processes but I felt so crushed. I've been off of the night shift since August and it had felt SO GOOD to actually eat dinner with my family every night, have bathtime and bedtime stories with my son, and to actually sleep in my bed at night. Like not working nights has brought my family so much in this season. But then I had to remind myself that God has not brought me this far to leave me and I choose to believe this change will be temporary. Sure it may complicate my personal life and limit the time I spend with my son during the work week but I have faith to believe that it's also a setup for a blessing.

Get the look: