Dressing on a Budget and Living at Premuim: One Shoulder Top+Denim Skirt

She's a brick house!
Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Top-H&M | Skirt-Zara | Jacket-Lord and Taylor | Shoes-Nine West via Macy's | Choker-Aldo

I originally wore a variation of this outfit for a fun night out in DC with my friends in March and decided to shoot this outfit during the day to share with you. One thing you should know that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look cute and this is probably one of the least expensive outfits I have ever worn. I didn't pay full price for anything I'm wearing except the choker which is now on sale. Outfit price breakdown: jacket-around $16, top-$5, skirt $15, choker-$15 (currently on sale for $7.50), shoes-super old so I don't remember the exact price but I got the on clearance rack in Macy's and I'm almost sure I didn't pay more that $27.

You can get good quality clothes for cheap prices but never lower your standards when it comes to your life. You are valuable, so are your skills, time, assets, and relationships because all these things are important to you. Remember to keep your standards high with all that you do this week. Here are a few tips to help:

1. Inspect what you expect. My former boss used to always tell my teammates and I that and what he basically meant was, "do not allow anyone to shortchange you".

2.  No is a complete sentence.

3. Don't feel bad for having high standards and putting pressure on people who are not meeting your standards.

4. Correction does not mean rejection. If someone take out the time to give you constructive criticism, they believe in you and want to see you do better.

5. Be a brick house. Stand strong and don't allow negativity energy to sway you. Be a fortress and pinnacle of strength for all who need you.

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