Navy Romper + Nude Booties

 Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Romper-Zara | Choker-Aldo | Shoes-Nine West | Watch-JORD

Spring is here! Which means its time to free the legs, lose the coats (in my dreams), and have even more fun with fashion. I've packed my boots away but I'm not ready to retire my favorite booties for the season yet. I bought this jumpsuit on sale and waited till the weather got warm enough to wear it. The weather in New Jersey is still up and down so some days I find myself only needing a jacket and other days I do have to pull out a coat. However, we seem to be experiencing real spring weather this week. Now all we need is for more flowers to bloom and the leaves to form on trees!

While spring is a beautiful season, it often begins with ugly rainy days. However the makes us appreciate spring, because there would be no beautiful blossoms and blooms without showers of rain. So we clothe ourselves in rain gear and brave our way through the storms until the sunshine comes out. Before we know it, buds begin to appear on trees and flowers start growing from the ground. If there is one thing we can learn from spring it is that we must endure rain in order to grow and then we will be rewarded with something beautiful. Right now you may be going through or entering into a rainy season and I want to encourage you to gear up to grow through the storm. That means embracing challenges, maintaining a spirit of determination and a positive attitude. I'm currently in a rainy season and while I'm exhausted I know I need to push through the storm. Realistically that means accepting that I will be tired and frustrated at times, but I have to put forth my best efforts at all times. I want to encourage you to be the best you can be this week. Push through the tiredness, frustration, pain or whatever you need to in order to make this week fruitful. Embrace the rain, its helping you grow and soon you will bloom beautifully!

Things to remember this week:

1. Showers bring flowers. You have to endure the rain before you grow and blossom into something beautiful.

2. There are no days off if your goal is to produce excellence. This means that there will be moments when you have to work through tiredness and exhaustion. Work when you must work, rest when you can.

3. Positivity makes the pain easier to bear. Positivity tells you that pain is fleeting and the sunshine always comes after the rain. If you can survive the storm, you will bask in the beauty of new found strength, skills, and accomplishments.

4. Be kind and empathetic. Sometimes you can see a storm on someone's face, but many people suffer in silence and hold their hardships inside. So use your words well and treat others how you want to be treated.


  1. Bravo. I luv this romper. I also enjoy your blog. Good stuff. I concurabout kind and Empathetic. Fee King

  2. LOVE the romper and choker.!
    Also the helpful things to remember at the end, I'm keeping as a note to self.