Making Time to Beautify Yourself Matters

Self care is the best care!
Photographer-Christine Nazaire

 Top-Zara | Jacket-Zara | Jeans-Target | Mules-Asos | Sneakers- Adidas via Finish Line | Nail Polish-"Blessed"-Rooted Woman

I've come to the realization that my job is not about me. Before I started writing this morning, I received a text message that let me know that today would be another rough work day. The past two months have been extremely grueling and the avalanche of problems just won't stop. Naturally I had the urge to complain and think, "Really God?! I just prayed for a better day, a day of relief".  However, work is not about me, it's about getting the job done, solving problems, dealing with ambiguous situations, and improving processes. So I'm putting my feelings of self pity aside and claiming an attitude of gratitude and positivity. Work may not be beautiful at the moment, but I have the power to walk in as I do everyday with a beautiful attitude no matter how difficult the challenges may be or ugly the situation may be. I'm going to walk into work and give my best self because that is what I was hired to do and I believe in putting forth excellence into all I do, even if I don't always feel beautiful doing it. Having a job is a blessing that I will never take for granted so I pray to make it through each day and for the wisdom to make the right decisions and lead the best way I know how.

Having the time to beautify yourself in the midst of a busy life and career is a blessing. What makes you feel beautiful? For me, its having my nails done, my hair styled, and wearing a cute outfit. My life is so busy and I often giving more to everyone than myself on my work days so I always carve out a few moments on my off days to beautify myself. This involves wearing cute outfits, making sure my hair is done, and painting my nails. I usually paint my nails on Friday nights while watching a sermon, it's my weekly ritual. Rooted Women nail polish is special to me because it was created for hard working ambitious women like myself. Sometimes we work ourselves to the ground. We pour our best energy into our career and give whats left to our loved ones and maybe ourselves when we have the time. However, Rooted Woman reminded me that taking time for self care is so important. Every woman has the right to make herself feel beautiful. So no matter how busy and stressful my life may be, I will always make time to paint my nails, do my hair, and put on a cute outfit because that makes me feel beautiful! What makes you feel beautiful?

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