Grown Woman Glory: Navy Wrap Dress + Orange Pumps

There is so much more to being a grown woman than dressing the part. It's a mindset.
Photographer-RaeAnn Walters

Dress-Asos, More color options here | Shoes-Zara

I'm a grown woman. I can do whatever I want! Does anyone remember that song Beyonce released in 2013 entitled "Grown Woman"? Well, it was one of my favorite songs then and I love it even more now because I'm grown. So naturally the lyrics of "Grown Woman" came to mind when I saw these photos RaeAnn shot of me. For one, this dress makes me feel powerful and these shoes have me standing in all my grown woman glory. I think every woman should have a dress (or a few) that makes us feel fabulous. We all have the power to feel and look good and if a dress that hugs you in the right places does that for you, buy it (if it's within your budget!

Four things we can learn from Beyonce's "Grown Woman" song are:

1. There are many ways to be a grown woman. Be who you want to be, but more importantly be yourself. Take a moment to think about all the people you admire and/or consider successful. Each one of those people are unique but one common thread they share is that they are themselves at all times. These people create their own rules but they are also guided by a set of personal principles. Live by the principles you believe in!

2. A grown woman commands respect. When you carry yourself a certain way, you will command the respect of the right people. If you ever find yourself asking someone for respect, you either need to 1) remove that person from your life if he or she cannot level up or 2) ask yourself why you're not getting the respect you think you deserve and act accordingly.

3. You are the star of your own show. Don't let anyone run you, unless you want them to.

4. Make your own money because every woman should have something for herself. Use your money wisely and live within your means! I cannot stress this enough because so many people are living in lack due to financial issues. Also, never take financial advice from people who are buying things they can't afford. Be very cautious of people who love to tell you how to spend your money but never seem to have enough of their own. If living in your parents house for a few years will help you pay off your loans faster, allow you to afford a vacation and allow you to save for your future home or whatever financial goals you have, do it! I don't know about you but I refuse to be one of those people who are struggling because of pride. Finally, I want to leave you with a few tips to write down this week because a true grown woman knows how to handle her money:

How to be a #Girlboss with your finances
1. Save before you spend: pay yourself then pay your bills
2. Live within your means: don't buy things you cannot afford
3. Stay in your lane: if you want to meet your financial goals, you have to remain focused

Get the look:

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