Motivated by Love: Mother's Day Message and Family Style

All I am and hope to be as a mother and wife is rooted in love. Motherhood is sacrifice, service, exhaustion and joy, but above all it is love! My mother's love was the foundation of my family as I was growing up. Her love looked like making meals, doing chores around the house, teaching me how to love God and myself, working long hours, sacrificing her wants for my needs and always making room to spend quality time with me even when she was exhausted. Her love made me feel so secure and it stills does. Till this day, when my mother prays for me, I feel the peace of God and the confidence that I navigate through the toughest or easiest of days. I'm a good mother and wife because I had a great example to follow. My hope for my son is is that he always feels warm, confident, secure and connected to God in and through my love.

If you're reading this blog, you know I love getting dressed up so when my family joins in on the fun, its even more enjoyable. We set up a tripod and these were some of our best takes out of 300+ attempts. I would have worn this suit for Easter if church were open so instead I wore it outside to go nowhere for some family portraits. Pictures are such a beautiful way to capture moments in time. We'll have so many stories to share with Avery in the future about living through a pandemic and how it affected our family and the world we live in.
Kofi is wearing a hat because with the barber not being accessible, his hair is at that awkward struggle length without a shapeup. Kofi styled himself and insisted that we all wear Stan Smith’s. He and Avery decided to match with their jean jackets so I went for a contrasting look with my suit.
I hope you enjoyed our family style! It was so much fun getting dressed up with my guys!

Suit Jacket-Asos | Tailored Pants-Asos |  Sneakers-Adidas Stan Smith
Shirt- Zara | Pants- Gap | Jacket- Old Navy | Fedora- Lord and Taylor | Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith
Jacket- H&M | Overalls and Top-Old Navy | Sneakers- Adidas Stan Smith Toddler