Running into Summer: Mom and Toddler Style

I’m walking out of Memorial day weekend feeling relaxed, refreshed and grateful. I got almost 8 hours of sleep every night and actually woke up before my son could wake me! I loved on my family extra and we spent some quality time with two of our closet friends.
This weekend was filled with both joy and pain. Spending time with those I love whether it is in person or through technology always brightens my mood. However, this weekend was dampened by the Zoom memorial service for my Uncle Derrick who passed away from COVID-19 complications. It was a beautiful service that made me ugly cry, smile and laugh. He lived such a vibrant life and loved his loved ones deeply. I miss him every day but I find joy recalling memories of him and reflecting on how much he loved me and my family. So this week, my heart is heavy for all those who have lost someone during this season as well as the essential workers who labor on the front lines every day. I took off the week from work on bereavement so I could spend some much needed time with family and rest and I’m so glad I did! We've been able to spend extra time with my mom which has been special.
One of my favorite things to do is style cute outfits, but you already know that! My Uncle Derrick and I bonded over our love and fashion and I made it a point to be well dressed every time we saw each other. I got this jumpsuit on sale from Asos and its definitely going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe. Jumpsuits are an easy one piece outfit wonder! I don’t wear much pink but when I look at this color, it makes me happy! Avery is wearing a top and shorts from the Gap!
Jumpsuit- Asos | Shoes- Asos, sold out but I love these and these


  1. I’m happy you were able to spend the week with family and remember the good times with your uncle. You already how I feel about this jumpsuit and it’s from one of my favorite places to shop. 🤍✨