Simple Style and Self Care Tips

Happy new week! I wanted to share some self practices I've been doing that have helped me create more peaceful moment in my life:

1. Start and end every day with prayer. I feel off balance when I don't start my day with God and thank Him for his blessings. So prayer is a must to keep me centered.

2. Take a 24 hour social media break and limit social media time. I try to take a social media break once a week from Sunset Friday-Sunset Saturday. It allows me to feel more connected to God and my family without distractions. I love Instagram and the community and inspiration it brings me but sometimes I get so sucked in scrolling that I find myself catching up on other's peoples stories and pictures, more than being present with my husband, son and God.

3. Wake up early or stay up late to have alone time before my son and husband wake up. I'm an introvert at heart so I crave quiet moments and alone time to unwind and think.
What are your favorite self-care practices? Let me know in the comments.
I wore this outfit to take a quick visit to my parents (yes, we stood 6-feet apart and didn't hug). I wear yoga pants or sweats to work almost everyday so putting on a trench coat and jeans makes me feel a little more structured in my outfit while still keeping it casual.

Coat-Asos | T-Shirt-Old Navy | Sneaker- Adidas