England Travel Recap: Torquay

When people think of places in England, I think it's safe to say that the first place that comes to mind is London. However, England has so much more to offer than it's famed capital city. Tourquay is a seaside town in Devon, England (located in the English Riviera). 
Torquay is absolutely beautiful town with a lovely waterfront, ferris wheel, pubs & restaurants, and shops. Oh, and the town also has palm trees! I was actually amazed when I saw the palm trees because I never knew that England had palm trees until I visited Torquay. 
The town also has some beautiful architecture and a very hilly terrain. So if ever visit Torquay and do a lot of walking, prepare to get a good leg workout.
Tourquay was my first stop in England after arriving at London's Heathrow ariport. The journey to the the town was a tiring 3+ hours. However, travelling to Torquay by train was pretty straight foward because England has a great public transit system that was relatively easy to figure out. The few times my dad and I got confused, we asked strangers for directions (the people in England were polite and willing to give directions to us travellers). Addtionally, the ride to the town was beautiful because the train past by daintly English houses, the sea, and farms with cows and sheep. I spent less than 24 hours in Tourquay, but I had a nice time taking in the bits of the town that I was able to see. I also got the opportunity to meet my dad's cousin who owns a boarding house in the town and was kind enough to host us for our visit (Hey Beverly!). If you're ever looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in England that is not tourist infested, I recommend Torquay! 

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