Travel Recap: Tobago Day 2

Everyday I spent in Tobago was good, but this day was by far the best day of my trip! My boyfriend and I rented a car and convinced his father to drive us to the country and be our tour guide. Soon, we ended up in the rain forest and hiked to Argyle Waterfall. The Waterfall has three pools that that get shallower as you climb higher. If I recall correctly, the bottom pool is 18 feet, the middle pool is 6 feet, and the top pool was about 2 feet. This was my first time visiting a waterfall and jumping in so I was beyond excited. The tour guide told us that sitting under the waterfall is a natural back massage that will make you 10 years younger. Well none of us got younger lol, but I will say that my skin felt amazing after leaving the waterfall. The water was also very clean so I took the opportunity to wash my hair under one of the waterfalls. After we hiked backed down, we drove through a few villages and stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road. FYI, the food on the side of the road in the Caribbean is usually the best food you will ever taste during your stay. So if you ever get an opportunity to get some food at the side of the road, seize it! Anyway, the restaurant was operated by three nice Rasta men and the food was amazing. I had fish, rice, vegetables, and gungo (pigeon) peas and those were the best gungo I have ever tasted in my life. I regret not asking the cook for the recipe The men were also nice of us to walk us around their property and pick some native fruit for us to carry home . Afterwards, we drove through various villages and I got to meet some more of my boyfriend's family. 

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