Travel Recap: Tobago Day 1

 I told my boyfriend that he had to take a picture by the wall since he's from Tobago. Being the good man that he is, he obliged  lol
I spent my morning sightseeing around the town of Scarborough. My boyfriend, who was born and raised in Tobago acted as my tour guide  for the day (thanks babe!). He showed me his primary school and high school as well as some spots where he and his friends liked to hang out growing up. We also walked up and down town where we saw various shops and fruit stands and enjoyed the views of the coastline. Tobago has a very hilly terrain. Like, walking around the Island will show you how in or out of shape you are. I'm definitely out of shape! All the walking made us so tired that we went home to rest for a little bit. Once we regained our energy, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

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