Sunset in Tobago

My last evening in Tobago was beautiful. We picked up some friends and drove to the beach to watch the sunset as the sun was literally setting on our vacation. I'm so grateful for my time in Tobago and thankful for my boyfriend who invited me on the trip. It was truly a privilege to meet and spend time quality time with him, his friends, and family. Everyone was so kind and welcoming towards me. Also, the food was always amazing! I love doubles and I got to have doubles for breakfast two days in a row. I'll never forget my fist Time in Tobago, the love I felt, the people I met, and the memories I made. I definitely plan on visiting Tobago again when time permits. Now its back to reality as I start my full-time job on Monday. Please pray for me and send positive vibes my way as I embark on this new experience in my life.


  1. I just love Tobago and it has been an extremely long time since I've been back home. Your photos definitely captured the beauty of it all. Good luck on your start on the full-time job. You'll do just fine.